Secrets are Spilling Out ….

Over on the Attic Secrets discussion group this week, more secrets and revelations have been revealed.

Speculation is rife regarding the My Sweet Audrina movie from Lifetime with Director Mike Rohl announcing the search is on for Whitefern 🙂


Member Mercedes shared this creepy gothic vision whilst Keshena commented :

I love imagining Whitefern:) to me, Foxworth Hall is forbiddingly perfect and grandly sterile, but Whitefern is elegantly decaying and a little otherworldly, a place where time passes like a rose vine struggling through a chink in a broken garden wall. As a teen, I used to love looking at the architecture of old antebellum houses around Virginia and imagining how Whitefern would look.


This picture was shared regarding My Sweet Audrina and Ted shared with us this amazing insightful interpretation :

I think it’s meant to be a representation of who Audrina was and who she is in the story (both girls), destroyed by abuse and lose of innocence (the blood between their entwined hands) and sinister things await her or are still around her (the creepy background and mysterious stranger)

That’s my interpretation of this beautiful artwork anyway 🙂

The Cathy and Chris debate continues with Holli s brilliant explaination of why Cathy chose Chris seemingly in spite of putting her children first :

Could it simply be that in her mind she did put her kids first by choosing Chris? I mean, he was a good father to them and loved them like his own, he adored and loved Cathy, he had a great job that supported his family well. Aside from the fact that they were related he just about what a woman would want in a husband. Perhaps I’m simplifying it to much but that’s what seems to me what Cathy would be thinking.

Maybe she thought choosing to be alone would be a worse fate for her children due to her being unstable. Maybe she thought Chris would be the one to save her from making the poor decisions she was so always doing which would in turn save her children from the childhood she experienced.


There’s a garden in the sky, waiting there for me. It’s a garden that Chris and I imagined years ago, while we lay on a hard black slate roof and stared up at the sun and the stars.

He’s up there, whispering in the winds to tell me that’s where the purple grass grows. They’re all up there waiting for me.
Cathy – SOY

This is totally a reason why it’s easy to convince how compelling VC’s story telling was – people see different personalities and motivations in characters. I personally think Cathy’s explosion in ITBT was such a telling illustration into the tragic ramifications of their childhood abuse.  For me, somebody reacting as she did shows that it wasn’t all purple grass in the sky being with Chris and she fought with it because I think she did want an escape periodically, and had intense guilt, whereas others see it as this almost other-worldly love story that Cathy eventually accepted had always been there, and one which other characters saw too. To me, at the end of POTW, Cathy seems almost resigned to the fact that Chris got his way.  And maybe it was for the best as they were too train wrecked to be with others. I do think there was this very intense love for sure, but whereas some people seem to see Cathy as the mentally unstable one, I am totally suspicious of Chris’ actions. Even if he didn’t see her in NY for three years, I am sure letters were sent and they could have met outside. And to me, he didn’t live up to his full Dr potential because of his need to be around Cathy, whether he chose to ignore if it was a good idea for her or not. Others may not see it like that.

And that’s cool! Theories are fun to read whether you agree with them or not. We’re all here because something struck a nerve and I think it doesn’t matter how you view the Cathy/Chris relationship as obviously something was thrown at the wall and stuck and here we all are, debating it, throwing out ideas and scenes. It’s entertaining!
Erin – AtticSecrets member

Lastly I will leave you all with a personal favourite that was posted this week in keeping with the Dollanganger Saga and showcasing the creativity our members have from Toni :

We lived in the Attic
Christopher, Cory, Carrie and Me
Now there are only three …

Once upon a time,
When there were four,
Momma put us in a room
And then she locked the door….

That whore.

If you cant guess Toni hates Corrine with a (hilarious) passion – this is just a snippet so pop over to the group and join in all the fun



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