Why Attic Secrets ?


The whole Dollanganger saga is shrouded in mystery. Thats what captivates us fans , the secrets thats contained within the yellowing, well thumbed pages of our books.

The Foxworth Hall attic contains much of its pasts inhabitants, hints at so many stories, so many secrets – and in Flowers in the Attic , there are four new secrets stored, hidden out of sight.

This leaves us with so many questions – the why ? The when? The how?

Most importantly is the Why ?

            “This attic of my mind
               these feelings i can’t hide
               i can’t share
               i feel alone, ah yeah”

     Live – heropsychodreamer

The attic, in AtticSecrets, represents your mind and all thoughts you were too scared to say aloud, we give you the attic space to share them with us. Just as the attic was the space given to the children so they could run freely around and express themselves.


Here we share ideas and thoughts on VC Andrews that no one but us the fans would understand and we bond over something we love.

There is actually a saying : “The attic of my mind …”

The subconscious mind where things are recorded and stored and never forgotten.

Attic Secrets is the secrets people keep in their mind because they can’t share them with others who wouldn’t understand

How many times have we been told that these books are “guilty pleasures” ?

Something to giggle over the rude bits with our friends and a “disgusting tale of incest “?

The media and even literary analysts have for too many years forced this concept down our throats, little realising the intricate complexities with the stories and characters themselves.

The Attic is the highest level in the house and we are a higher theory group that deals with the higher concepts of the books subtext and symbolism as well as the macrocosmic view.

We are different from other groups because we go to the higher levels where most fear to tread, so join us as we walk through secret hallways, up secret stairways, opening hidden doors, trying to solve the mysteries that Virginia left behind.


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